10 key points of the PARDEM national liberation & social justice platform

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I.- To cancel all the neo-liberal « reforms » adopted these last forty years.

II.- To reconquer French sovereignty in the political, military and diplomatical fields, by seceding from the European Union, by exiting NATO, by deglobalising, in order to build new international relationships based on co-development.


III.- To reconquer monetary and financial sovereignty by exiting the EuroZone and abandoning the euro, by dismantling the financial markets in France, by organising the Stock Exchange die-off, and by defaulting on public debt in order to restructure it.

IV.- To reconquer economic and industrial sovereignty by returning the major industrial, service and media groups to the Nation's control, by implementing protectionist measures within the 1948 Havana Charter new framework, for an ecological, social and democratic mutation of production, distribution and consumption.

V.- To reconquer fiscal sovereignty – necessary condition to shift the distribution of added value in favour of labour, and to develop equality policies and practices.

VI.- To implement the effective, opposable right to labour which allows employment for all, the State being the employer of last resort.

VII.- To restore, recreate and enlarge the Social Security scheme as designed in 1945, and all the public services in order to guarantee social justice.

VIII.- To live well in a society that preserves biodiversity and fossile resources, while ensuring its food autonomy by developing local agriculture, and its energy autonomy by exiting nuclear power supply gradually.

IX.- To rethink and rebuild public instruction, to develop research, to promote the French language and culture.

X.- To build again the Republican State in order to guarantee general interest and civil liberties, democracy, independence of justice, secularism and religious neutrality.