Long live the Brexit !

Royaume UniJune 24th, 2016

During the referendum on June 23rd, 2016, the British people, especially the working class and social strata massacred by neoliberal globalization, decided reclaim popular sovereignty and democracy. This is a huge victory for freedom and peace. The downpour of propaganda from the mainstream media, the threats and ultimatums from multinational firms’ leaders and EU heads of States, did not have the expected effect.

The European Union aims only at suppressing nations' sovereignty in order to make neoliberal policies permanent. These policies' purpose is to favor the richest by crushing the poorest.

The Brexit victory is a blow to that system which must be dismantled.


The EU is one of the main mechanisms to impose neoliberal policies, the dismantling of social security, the erosion of democracy, the implementation of racist policies.
The EU does not mean peace and cooperation. In contrast it fuels antagonisms, trade wars, ‘races to the bottom’ in terms of social and labor rights. Exiting the EU opens up the way for the cooperation between peoples. The future tends towards taking into account the needs of the working classes and the environment – and not their exploitation by the dominating class.

Yet, for the time being, there are no such political forces in the UK withenough influence to make neoliberal policies back off. Despite the Brexit victory, it may be feared that the same policies continue on the economic, democratic, environmental and social levels. Nevertheless, the conditions have been created so that an evolution in the power relationships may lead to major changes – a situation impossible within the European Union.

We know that the xenophobic Far-Right attempts to take advantage of the situation and promote their reactionary agenda. However, we know that in fact they are pro-system and pro-EU. That is why progressive, democratic and “left-wing” forces must take the initiative in the anti-EU struggle.

After the French and Dutch« No » in 2005, the Irish « No »in 2008, the Greek people said« No » in July 2015 ... but the will of all these peoples has been violated. June 23, 2016, the British have clearly expressed their choice out of the EU.

The dominated classes by every country of the EU can jump at the opportunity of this new political situation to intensify the fight to restore their national and popular sovereignty and dismantle the EU. These are the essential conditions leave austerity and reconquer the power to define politics of social justice and international cooperation, by and for the people.