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As a candidate for the French presidential election in 2017, Jacques Nikonoff launched on June 18, 2016 an appeal to Rally for deglobalization (RD). The Party for deglobalization (Pardem) sharing and undertakes to sustain and develop this call. It is for all deglobalizer: those who reject neoliberal globalization and want to get out of this deadly system for all peoples. During the 2017 elections, we have the opportunity to express our refusal to submit, but also our wish to give birth to another system based on respect for national and popular sovereignty, social justice and international cooperation.

Deglobalizers, let us unite !

June 18, 2016
Today June 18, 2016, as a candidate for the French presidential election in 2017, I call for the Rally for Deglobalization (RD). This date was not chosen at random. It is a tribute to General Charles De Gaulle's radio address on June 18, 1940 – all things being equal. Back then, he invited the French people to refuse defeat, to resist and to fight. In the extremely different conditions of our time, refusing defeat, resisting and fighting still remain on the agenda.
Neoliberal globalization is peoples' enemy number one today !
Neoliberal globalization is an essentially political process that aims at suppressing nations' sovereignty to impose policies in line with the ruling classes' interests. It is rooted in the need for the dominating classes to thwart efficiently the social achievements made during the 20th century : the New Deal in the United States in 1933, the Front Populaire (the Popular Front) in France in 1936, the semi-public economies in Western Europe from 1944 to 1948, the social conquests made in the 1960s and 1970s, the colonized countries fighting for their national liberation and independence...
Globalization policies rest on three pillars : free-trade ; financial liberalization ; international treaties and multilateral institutions.
Deglobalization means exiting the neoliberal world order.
No other presidential candidate or political party makes that analyzis and draws the obvious conclusions.

I invite all the deglobalizers to join

the Rally for Deglobalization

Are you a deglobalizer ?


  • Like millions of citizens – about half of voters – that do not vote any longer either permanently or selectively according to the type of elections. They reject the policies implemented these last thirty years by governments positioning themselves as “left” or “right” and that are more or less identical eventually. With the disastrous outcomes that we know for the population.
  • Like millions of citizens that for the same reasons, cast a blank or invalid vote.
  • Like the great numbers of voters that vote for the Front National (FN – National Front), that think in good faith they serve their country while the FN pretends to defend France and does not wish to exit the neoliberal world order.
  • Like most of the Communist and Gaullist voters that still share the magnificent memory of the Conseil National de la Résistance (Resistance National Council) and that think this experience, adapted to our time, still offers a promising way forward.
  • Like the true ecologists that understood that protecting the environment is not compatible with neoliberal globalization, and that it is time to deglobalize.

If you recognize yourself in these statements,                        

then join the Rally for Deglobalization !

Deglobalization is calling you !

Campaign for its presidential candidate – Jacques Nikonoff !

Visit the web site and the FaceBook page !

Let's get ready for the legislative elections !

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